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Chavlier's Angel 4
At vespers, Arianna sat with Eleanor. It was also the first time she got to see her chevalier in his armor. Arianna tried her best not to stare at him not wanting anyone to get any ideas. Though Arianna knew that Eleanor all ready had suspicions about how she may have felt about Petros. If Eleanor had ever asked, Arianna would not deny the fact that she had a slight crush on Petros.
However Arianna was trying her hardest not to get too close to Petros. He may not care that she was a half-breed but others would and she would not want Petros to suffer because of that.
After the service Arianna and Eleanor were stopped by a young knight by the name of Joseph. It was obvious to Arianna that this Joseph had a thing for Eleanor and Eleanor felt the same. He seemed very nice and warmly welcomed Arianna to the Vatican. He also told Arianna that she had found a true friend in Eleanor; which in turn made Eleanor blush profusely. Arianna smiled at the both of them and agreed whole heartedly.
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Chevalier's Angel 3
Arianna awoke feeling a bit groggy. It took a few minutes to recall what had happened and where she now was.
Thankfully the pain in her head had subsided to a minor throb. She wondered how Petros was doing. She knew he had probably reopened his wound when he went after Raymond. She didn’t bother asking him at the time because she knew he was just too proud to admit that he’d be bleeding.
Slowly Arianna sat up and swung her legs around to sit at the edge of the bed. She looked around the large furnished room. The room in reality was of average size but it was huge to Arianna where her entire apartment was only slightly larger.
She noted the bathroom off to the side and decided that a shower would be a most welcomed treat. She also noticed her trunk sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed. Some one had packed up some of her belongings for her and she was quite thankful for that.
She got a change of clothes ready before going into the shower and letting the hot water do its&
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Chevalier's Angel 2
Petros awoke several hours later still feeling a little foggy. It took him a minute to realize where he was. He reached up and touched his head where it had been struck. It was now patched up with sterile strips. He felt a slight snugness around his abdomen and realized that his self elected nurse maid had stitched up the wound and wrapped it to keep it from getting infected.
Petros looked to his left and found Arianna sitting next to the bed in a chair sound asleep. A blanket was wrapped around her shoulders and she clutched a white rosary in her hand.
As if she knew she was being watched, Arianna opened her eyes. She smiled at her patient. “How are you feeling Petros?” She asked quietly.
“As though I was run over by a tank.” He grumbled.
“I’m not surprised. You were struck pretty hard on the head. The gash was quite deep.”
“I’m keeping you from your own rest.” He said as he began to sit up.
Arianna got up from the chair and sat on the
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Chevlaier's Angel 1
Being fed up with the sudden over abundance of paperwork and meetings at the Inquisitor’s, Petros decided to get away for a night. Dressed in only the black pants and shirt that he usually wore under his robes, he walked into town cursing himself along the way for not wearing street clothes. People would constantly cross themselves, or bow while others would move all the way to the other side of the street. He sighed in frustration, for all he wanted to do was to be a nobody tonight; he wanted to blend in with others. He obviously hadn’t thought his plans through in his rush to get away from it all.
He sat in quiet corner of a tavern sipping ale and contemplating how tedious his job had become. He knew it was just a rough spot that would eventual iron itself out but he just couldn’t stop stewing over it. It wasn’t like him to react this way and that’s what probably bothered him most.
It was late when he left the tavern but he felt fine. It had taken him so long
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yo... may I join?
you got all my Petros arts but I might draw more (if I have the time ^^)
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I to, would also like to join this club, my fanarts and whatever fanfics (the more *ahem* sensible ones) I am willing to summit for the glory of the Brother Petros Fan club. I can also take requests from other club members My skill with the pencils and Digital paint is hardly lacking but I do need inspiration to start.
wagamamapu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
Oh, dear, may join this as well? it took me quite some time to realize that U've been watching Petros form this club without joining it. This one lurvves Petros very much, if you need confirmation! XDDD
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Tanks For DeviantWatch,
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I ran after petros from Japan.
It is terrible and glad a lot of wonderful petros to be here of me.
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English is unskilled. I'm sorry.
However, I want to join!
KnightOfDestruction Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009
I'll add you now. Thanks for joining! :D

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I am honored to join this club.:love:
Hereafter, my da will become happier!
Thank you!
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